9 Free Web Hosting Sites for WordPress That You Can Use

Are you planning to launch your self-hosted Word Press website?

But maybe you are not sure of the ways you should be starting, as there are many people who think those good websites are paid only, but let me break this confusion in this article.

In this article, I will be discussing with you the top 9 free web hosting websites for WordPress, and also about 2 paid web hosting websites.

First of all, let me explain in-dept why should you choose the free web hosting for your WordPress website?



My 5 reason that why you choose the free web hosting

There are few reasons listed below on why you should choose a free web hosting websites, and those are as follows:


#1 You do not need to pay a single penny:

As you can get an idea from the term “Free web hosting sites for WordPress”, these websites help you to access their servers without any hidden charges.

The best part is you do not need to even give your card details.

So, these free web hosting sites for WordPress is very helpful for those people who do not have access to credit card like students yet they can open professional websites.


#2 Your site which is hosted by you:

You have full control over the website; no other person or robot will come to interrupt your services.

Like there are few sites that keep on interrupting if you want to write a blog, but in these mentioned websites so no such complications will be faced.

#3 Amazing for creating portfolio sites and for the students:

The students, generally have a very low budget, also there are few young adults who do not want to invest money. So, these websites can come as a boon to them.

In these websites portfolio sites can be created so that you can share your designs, ideas, and writing with others. These websites also help to grow your business.

#4 You can start for free and then you can always have the option to buy:

As there are few people out there who do not want to invest at first but once things start running smoothly they are ready to invest.

So, in the case of these free web hosting sites for WordPress you always have the option to upgrade.

#5 All free things are not bad:

Generally, we think if it is free it is bad, but that is a myth, as you can find in this article about the Ten Free Web hosting sites for WordPress where no gimmicks are played with the customer, everything is straight and is clear.

Now the time is to tell you which free 9 web hosting sites that I recommend to you for your blogging career. Here are the complete lists and some valuable information about them.



9 free web hosting sites that you can work

Here are listed the names of the 9 free web hosting sites along with the features.


#1 000WebHost.com



This is a free WordPress platform from the house of Hostinger, this website is mostly based on the strategies of marketing which may ask you to upgrade into premium but 000WebHost.com comes as a very good free web hosting for WordPress.

If I talk about the features of the 000WebHost.com, then you will get 1 GB of storage, the hosting database is full, and can access the FTP and the dashboard is custom-built. So that the sites can be managed according to the needs.

Also, 000WebHost.com helps you to host two websites without any cost and is also a free web builder. The best feature is that they do not advertise on your blog (most free web hosting companies do that).

Thus, the 000WebHost.com can be qualified as one of the best free website hosting sites. Is that enough for you, that’s good! because you cannot host email as there is no support for this option.




#2 AwardSpace.com



The AwardSpace.com is one of the free web hosting for WordPress, which was developed by a German company in the year 2003. The website helps you to host such a plan, which can be suitable for you to tackle five thousand visits per month.

But there is also a premium package that you can buy if needed to grow your site further. Now if I talk about features of AwardSpace.com, then you can host up to four websites. Really great right?

Apart from this, the file manager is web-based, so the control panel can be customized, and you can install WordPress with one click.

Also, it gives storage of 1 GB and provides a bandwidth of 5 GB. The website does not give any extra advertisement. I think it’s really great. Because no advertisement from the web hosting company, so your blog will be clean and professional.

Apart from this, the features which qualify this website among the best free website hosting sites are:

The user gets access to the database and server files without any hidden cost, you can host up to 4 websites and also the user can have their own email account. But, AwardSpace.com provides low bandwidth.

If compared with other websites. There are subdomains, so even if you can access four email accounts only, one of the email accounts will be a top-level domain and the rest of the three will be considered as subdomains.

The AwardSpace.com is a very nice and affordable option for people who want multiple low traffic websites and also want full access to the server.




#3 x10Hosting.com



X10Hosting.com is offering free services to customers since 2004. The bandwidth is unlimited and WordPress is just one click away. That great right?

The cPanel access can also be accessed totally. Your website will be very good for the high traffic websites. Why? because of its bandwidth which web hosting company gives you, which is unlimited.

Apart from this, the dashboard is quite powerful as well. The infrastructure of x10Hosting.com is cloud-based. The features of x10Hosting.com are 512 MB storage, your custom domain can be used along with the subdomain.

But, there are few cons of the x10Hosting.com and those are using VPN is prohibited and the signup locations are limited to particular areas. If it’s not a problem for you then you can go for it.




#4 Dreamnix.com



The website Dreamnix.com is a great website and trusted by about 30,000 people worldwide. This website can be used without any details of credit or debit card

The salient features of Dreamnix.com are 1 GB of disk space and bandwidth, you can easily access the cPanel. The instant website setup is also one of the features of this particular website.

Dreamnix.com is one of the websites which provides 24*7 customer support, and this is the best feature that is free web hosting site they are providing customer support and thus this feature along with others qualifies Dreamnix.com in the list of best free website hosting sites.

But, the website’s con is no email accounts can be linked. If you don’t want your email account and if you have already an email account, then you can go for this free web hosting.




#5 Freehostingnoads.net



The freehostingnoads.net is one of the creative free web hosting sites for WordPress. The website makes sure that your time is conserved, and the free cPanel web hosting along with the unlimited bandwidth is one of the important features of the website.

The freehostingnoads.net provides 10 GB of storage space and one MySQL database and WordPress can be browsed with one click only.

The website freehostingnoads.net has few cons like only one single WordPress site can be accessed as only one MySQL database is allowed.

Although there is no option of the free subdomain so that if you want to browse the subdomains you will have to purchase it.




#6 Agilityhoster.com



Agilityhoster.com is a free website running since the year 2006, and there are various features like automatic data backup, registration to a free domain, and SSL certificate which qualifies the website among the list of best free website hosting sites.

The unlimited disk space and data transfer are the other two important features of Agilityhoster.com.

But Agilityhoster.com has few cons like the servers use hybrid technology like HDD and SSD and the versions of software used in Agilityhoster.com are older.




#7 FreeHostia.com



FreeHostia.com uses clusters for load-balanced and hosts your site and this also helps you to generate access to the server.

The features of FreeHostia.com are the website provides free 250 MB storage, helps to host 5 websites, the bandwidth is 6 GB, and you can install WordPress in one click.

A few of the other features of FreeHostia.com include technical support and you can link up to three email accounts. The best feature of this free web hosting for WordPress are you get full server access and SSL certificates are also provided.

But, there are few limitations of FreeHostia.com like the storage limit is not good as it provides only 250 MB of storage and there is only one MySQL database means you can install only one WordPress.

Though, FreeHostia.com is very good for people looking for very simple work.




#8 InfinityFree.net



InfinityFree.net is one of the free web hosting for WordPress same as that of Byet, and the infrastructure of both the websites are the same as it is coming from iFastNet.

On this website, you will be getting space for disk and bandwidth and thus there are lots of people free to use InfinityFree.net.

The features of InfinityFree.net which make this one of the best free website hosting sites ar 400 MySQL database, you can create up to 10 email accounts and link them to the website, the storage is unlimited, with unlimited bandwidth.

Also, you are free to use your own domain name which can be customized and you can also select from the subdomains.

But, then this website has few cons like: though the storage in the website is unlimited, you cannot upload individual files over 10MB.




#9 Googiehost.com



The free plans of Googiehost.com have various features that are not provided by other websites that too for free like templates for design, spam protection, and website builder, the website also takes a step further and provides with SSL certificate.

The bandwidth is unlimited and this way your traffic will increase without affecting your expenses. The website also provides a professional email address that too without any cost, which qualifies this website as the best free web hosting site for WordPress.

There are few other features of Googiehost.com like: No Advertisement, the claims of the website is that they allow you to host unlimited web files.


Why I recommend you avoid free hosting services

There are few points which you need to keep in mind about the free web hosting sites for WordPress and the reasons behind why I ask to avoid free hosting services. The reasons are:


Customer Support:

Generally, in the case of free web hosting for WordPress the customer support is very poor, you can say that there is no customer service. So, if you face any kind of problem there will be no customer support helpline. Hence, you need to solve your problems on your own.


Downtime issues:

This is one of the biggest issues of free web hosting sites for WordPress, as many people are using the websites so you may face issues while loading it at times.



The free web hosting sites do not guarantee you security, so you need to be wise and stop sharing your personal and important data on these websites. The hacking attacks are one of the biggest problems of free web hosting websites.


There are few websites that are free of the advertisement but most of the free websites are full of advertisement. Hence, if you want ad-free services on your website make sure to use the paid versions as there is no unnecessary interruption of the ads.


So what next?

Do you want to start your blog with a paid hosting?

If you think that, then I will give you the 2 best options that you can choose any of them and start your blog without any hesitation.

Also, their monthly cost is very affordable. Here are the options for you that I like very much.



Best alternative web hosting for your blog (Paid)


#1 Bluehost



The website Bluehost is one of the most trending and popular web hosting choices where you need to give little extra money to access.

The pricing of the website is very good and there are no hidden charges and the best part of Bluehost.com is their customer service. If you have any doubt the customer care executives are always there to solve your queries.

Their support teamwork is also commendable. Suppose, if you cannot find any solution on the website the customer care is open 24*7 for your service you can contact them whenever you need assistance and they will guide you in the proper manner.

This feature is lacking in free web hosting sites. The live chat option is also there on the website and you can solve your queries or doubts by just clicking on the chat option.

The SEO tools and analytics is very helpful and this helps in increasing more visitors and this will also increase your performance on the site.


Important features of Bluehost:

  1. The free domain name for 1st year
  2. A free SSL certificate will be provided
  3. Free premium Cloudflare CDN
  4. 1-click WordPress install
  5. Recommended by WordPress.org since 2005




#2 Greengeeks



Greengeeks is one of the paid websites for WordPress and they use renewable energy for the power of web hosting services means you are contributing to the environment when you are using the website. Isn’t that great!

The website is eco friendly and the services are also very good.

The website makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the overall presentation of the site and you will get managing skills and website building skills at a very good price.

The WordPress installer is just one click away and the auto-updates helps you to keep updated on the WordPress site.

Also, the daily backup is one of the important features of the website.

Greengeeks makes sure that the data provided by the customer is safe and secure so the advanced security options are also present.


Important features of GreenGeeks:

  1. The free domain name for 1st year
  2. A free SSL certificate will be provided
  3. Free premium Cloudflare CDN
  4. Unlimited website space
  5. Unmetered data transfer
  6. Free nightly backup
  7. Unlimited E-mail accounts
  8. WordPress installer/updates
  9. Unlimited databases
  10. Standard performance
  11. LSCache included
  12. 300% green energy match
  13. 30-day money-back guarantee





So, guys, this is our suggestion on the 9 free web hosting sites for WordPress. As mentioned above there are advantages like you do not need to spend extra money if you are using the free web hosting sites.

Also, there are disadvantages like in the free web hosting sites your data is not safe and secure. Security remains a big question when you are using free web hosting sites for WordPress.

Though, in this article, we have tried our best to sum up and give you an idea about the best free website hosting sites along with their features, pros, and cons.

Free web hosting for WordPress is an option always, but if you are serious and do not want to risk your data then it would be our suggestion to invest little money and use the paid web hosting sites, has been discussed above there are various features that can attract your viewers.

If you are searching for a web hosting free trial, then you can also use that hosting

Hope you guys have gained some knowledge about web hosting for WordPress! Do let me know in the comments section below about your views on this article would love to hear your feedback.

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