12+ Best Online Tools That I Use For My Business

Do you want to know about which tools I using to grow my online business in 2021?

Then this list will help you a lot. Because here I am sharing with you some of the best tools that I am using to multiply my revenue and also earn a huge profit.

It is my own recommendation because I have already experienced it.

I will not recommend you any product or services which are not good.

I created this list of the best and most important tools for small business owners and bloggers.





Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting which is powers millions of websites. This web hosting gives you full control to scale your blog for huge traffic.

It is a premium web hosting plan. So that you will not get any free web hosting trial period. You have to purchase their plan.

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Aweber is an actual application related to the email which will help you to create a list for mailing and after that, you can capture data onto it.

It also helps you to design newsletters and you can send the design to your subscribers as well. The best part is it can be used very easily and has a friendly user interface.

Also, Aweber keeps its platforms updated and includes tools for engagement, and helps in customer relationship management.

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SEMrush is an online visibility application that helps you to review your conclusion as well.

It is actually a really solid SEO tool, and this is probably the best application you can get for a project related to SEO.

The app SEMrush helps you to give all the necessary and required information which will help you to increase the ranking and will provide you with all the necessary information.

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It is a comprehensive social media marketing tool that helps professionals and teams as well as businesses to automate social media management.

It also helps the customers right from the beginning at every step from the post-publication to analyze the performance posts as well.

Above all, the app is very easy to use and there is no complexity in creating a good relationship between you and your customers using the app.

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#Long Tail Pro:

It is a very powerful keyword research software that helps you to generate hundreds and thousands of unique content related to the keywords.

The long Tail Pro app is quite a unique app and helps in creating business be it small or big, you can create an affiliate site for Amazon, and can also try to create your small business and this website will be there to guide you and increase your business.

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It is an online freelance marketplace that helps you to sell gigs, it is also a very popular freelancing website.

Also, you can hire a person involved in freelancing and make his skills to full use.

Also, the website is quite simple to use, and you can post your gigs just by opening an account which is quite simple as well.

The website can be joined by anyone, as it is free of cost.

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#Links Whisper:

The best part of this website is it helps you with suggestions based on the internal links and it is powered by artificial intelligence.

Based on your search the links whisper will start suggesting the topics you can write next and the ways on how you can improve your audience and your business.

Also, the internal links are suggested by the website so that you can save the link, all you need to do is check the box and click the save button.

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Instamojo was started by three friends to develop a website that can be trusted on the internet as well all know the number of fraudsters has increased on the internet nowadays.

The website first started with the links of payment, using a simple URL that can be copied and pasted on the internet or anywhere and the payment can be received through any mode but online.

The custom tools are newly been added to the website to help the business increase to its new heights with the use of simple technology.

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It is a website that provides service free of cost, though there is paid version as well.

It helps to increase productivity, especially for social media users.

The social media posting services provided by SocialOpmh are very unique and creative and can be trusted.

You can even use your own suggestions, or the suggestion was given by the website to develop your posts and increase engagements in the post.

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Razor Pay is quite a famous online, digital payment processing platform and can help you to boost your business and can make it simpler.

It is best suited for a cloud-based platform and which in turn helps you with large as well as small businesses and can help you to make good terms with the vendors, and can enhance your options for subscription.

Also, Razor Pay is quick and easy to use as well.

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GeneratePress is quite a popular free WordPress theme that is generally used by professionals.

The best part you can adapt the theme and template of the platform to any niche.

With the premium version, you can plugin the platform and can install the theme, and can use it on other websites.

For performance-based users, generate press is the best platform where you have the control of using the site.

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It is one of the premium quality WordPress themes which can be customized according to your needs.

It is also termed an ideal beginner theme and you can use the platform to make blogs, portfolios, increase your business, online shops, and many more.

You also have the ability to import dozens of high-quality website designs and that is the best part of the website.

Your website can be transformed into something extra unique with the help of Astra.

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