An Honest Tubebuddy Review 2021 : Is Tubebuddy Worth It?

More than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and for your channel growth, you need to be the best and need to focus mainly on the hot topics.

That is a lot of competition even considering the 1.3 billion people that use the platform regularly.

It is not enough to just produce quality videos.

You need data and research to make sure you are producing the correct and right videos that will rank.

Now the comes to Tubebuddy review.

TubeBuddy is amazingly helpful for the growth of your YouTube channel.

The data and insight will help you to create high-quality videos with the highest possibility of going viral and launching your channel fast.

Now I know what you are thinking.

Why tube buddy? What does it do for me?

Well. As a creator or someone who wants to be a content creator or even some random person who decided to put a video or two.

Now, let’s list the facts.






What is Tubebuddy?

Tubebuddy for a chrome browser extension.

Meaning, it literally adds itself to your channel and seamlessly detects your data to give you maximum results.

The tube buddy keyword explorer is always helpful for you.


Because It gives you a competitive edge, especially if you are looking for a searchable title.

This software is extremely useful when it comes to everything technical.

So that you do not really need to worry about the searchable keywords, title, etc.

Tubebuddy is specially built for YouTube creators, as this is an application that is the one-step solution to video marketing and management which also helps to promote and publish the videos on YouTube.




What does tubebuddy do?

Well, tube buddy’s keyword explorer feature shows you what titles people are actively searching for.

So in my personal opinion, it is actually very good and also it is the best YouTube extension.

It helps you to get a tag list that is the best suited for your video.

Apart from this, it can analyze your channel and tell you when the best time to publish your video.

This tool gives you the suggestion based on when your content is being viewed.

So you can maximize your view counts with a timed-release for maximum exposure.

Now you can assume that it is a vital tool for both professional and amateur creators.




How to use tube buddy?

TubeBuddy is such a versatile tool to work with.

This is a kind of a third party to develop your YouTube channel in the right way.

TubeBuddy helps to find the keywords for your videos which amazing.

Because it is actually very tough to find proper keywords without any help.

This TubeBuddy platform is helpful as it can create codes where you can organize your playlists, and you can respond to your subscribers or to any of the comments in the “comments section” that too in a bulk.

This platform also helps to identify the comments from new subscribers.

Apart from all these, TubeBuddy also helps you to plan your topic and videos which can help you to boost your YouTube channel.

With the help of continuous data collection of the videos and channels on YouTube, the TubeBuddy app helps to guide your decisions on which video topics to target, how to get your videos seen by more people, and how your channel compares against other related channels.

TubeBuddy does this by integrating seamlessly with your YouTube account.

Features appear on relevant pages to add information and suggestions for improvement.




What are the best tubebuddy features (tubebuddy review)?

There are various features of the TubeBuddy, yet there must be the bests features as well.

So, below are listed a few of the TubeBuddy features which can be really helpful for YouTube creators.


#1. Tag Lists, Tag Explorer, and Suggested Tags:

Tag Lists, Tag Explorer, and Suggested Tags are an excellent way to find keywords with solid traffic and, more importantly, for which a channel like yours can rank.

The keyword research tool will automatically appear in the right sidebar when you search YouTube and offers an inside look into the search volume and competition for that tag.


#2. keyword tools:

Better though is that the keyword tools help suggest related tags you might use that have lower competition and higher traffic.

The power in this isn’t just for tagging your videos but for creating a video focused on that one keyword that will go viral.


#3.Thumbnail Generator:

Thumbnail Generator is an easy way to turn images from your video into a compelling thumbnail with text and graphic overlays that boosts clicks.

You can even create a template you use on all thumbnails with logos and other graphics.


#4. Playlist Actions:

Playlist Actions is a great way to get the most out of your playlists by ordering videos for video engagement and subscriber growth.

Playlists are one of the best tools for YouTube growth but so underappreciated by creators.

These are your best chance at keeping people watching your videos and subscribing.

TubeBuddy helps to make sure your best videos are seen first in playlists to hook viewers faster.


#5. Canned Responses:

Canned Responses are a lifesaver when a video goes viral.

This might not be a problem for many creators but when you are spending an hour every day responding to comments, having a few pre-written responses will save you a lot of time and you will not lose growth by ignoring comments.


#6. Sharing to Social Media:

Publish to Facebook makes sharing on the world’s largest social platform easy and a great way to leverage the billions of FB users for YouTube subscriber growth.







#1. One of the biggest pros is that you can use the software to look at what other creators are doing such as tags and even copy the same tags your competitors are using and use them on your content with a click of a button. You can even see who is recommending their content which allows you to better structure your own content.


#2. It is very versatile, lots of functionality & very helpful for improving your SEO in YouTube videos. You can even do some nice research on video tags & trending topics.


#3. TubeBuddy is a great value in achieving the desired outcome for improving the ranking and optimizing the YouTube channel. Through this lengthy process, the role of TubeBuddy is important to the progress of YouTube.





#1. It is a Chrome app. So you need to use Chrome to use it.

#2. If you have more than one YouTube channel, then you have to pay multiple times for multiple accounts.

#3. It provides you with much more than YouTube Studio. The most important problem for the company is the bad feeling of the application.

#4. There are a couple of features on the platform that could work better intuitively such as the keyword explorer and the keyword suggest.

#5. There are two screens that you use quite a bit and they are on separate parts of the plugin.




What is the cost of tubebuddy (tubebuddy pricing)

You use the keyword features on TubeBuddy every time you create a new video and most of the features under the Pro plan each month to optimize your channel.

Also, you can upgrade to the Star plan recently to test a few of the features there but honestly, most creators will find everything they need under the Pro plan.






What’s the best tubebuddy plan for me?

It is always recommended that you first use the free version, as tube buddy is free, and observe the growth of your YouTube channel.

Then you can always buy the pro version, which I am sure that you will be buying.

Yes, TubeBuddy is that good with its algorithm it can help your channel to boost like crazy!

Use the tubebuddy free trial and then move to the upgraded version.




Which are better TubeBuddy or VidIQ?

It is always better to use TubeBuddy than using Vidiq because TubeBuddy has got more features than Vidiq, and which can help your YoTube channel to grow really fast.

VidIQ is very similar to TubeBuddy in features and functionality.

Vidiq is kind of very similar to the TubeBuddy but it is always good to stick to TubeBuddy for its extra features.

Additionally, TubeBuddy has more features available under the free and Pro plan while you need the higher-level plans in VidIQ to use the best ones.

TubeBuddy is also the less expensive option, especially with its discount for channels under 1,000 subscribers.

Though Vidiq has some really amazing videos to grow your YouTube channel, which is not provided by the TibeBuddy application, so according to me you can use the videos of Vidiq to help to boost your channel and you can use them TubeBuddy but make sure to watch the VidIQ channel for tips.





#1. Is TubeBuddy free?

ANS: Yes, TubeBuddy is free, but you can also upgrade to the paid version for the additional FEATURES.


#2. Is TubeBuddy safe?

ANS: The answer to this question is YES. This means you can use the platform without any hidden features or any terms and conditions which is hidden from you and can risk anything.


#3. Is tube buddy extension?

ANS: The extension can be used via Google chrome. TubeBuddy has helped to manage, optimize, and grow many YouTube channels. You will see a huge improvement in your YouTube channel the moment you start using TubeBuddy.


#4. TubeBuddy thumbnail generator?

ANS: You can generate your necessary and needed thumbnail with the help of TubeBuddy, as the platform also help you to make attractive thumbnails that can catch the eyes of the subscribers. Thumbnail Generator is an easy way to turn images from your video into a compelling thumbnail with text and graphic overlays that boosts clicks. You can even create a template you use on all thumbnails with logos and other graphics.


#5. TubeBuddy keyword explorer?

ANS: The keyword explorer is very helpful for the people new on YouTube and also for the people who wants more subscribers, as the algorithm partially depends on the keyword used in the video, and the platform helps to suggest the keywords with which you can be helped.


#6. Is TubeBuddy YouTube Certified?

ANS: Yes, TubeBuddy is YouTube certified, and this certification needs to be done with proper verification with YouTube as well.





So guys here are my Tubebuddy review for you.

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