What is SEO? Complete Search Engine Optimization Guide 2021

Blogging is a great platform where you can express your views and can also earn a good income.

But for all that you need to do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank your post on Google Search Engine.

Without Search Engine Optimization, there are very few chances to rank your post.

So today in this article, we will tell you to complete the SEO guide, so that you can achieve a great position in Blogging.




At first, we will say that Blogging needs some patience to make yourself a success in that industry.

There are some things that are necessary to know about Blogging.

As we know, Content is always king in Blogging, but you have to do some more things to make your post viral and bring it to the top in Google results.

You should have proper knowledge of SEO and its techniques to use in Blogging.

So now we will give you complete information on Search Engine Optimization and its importance in Blogging.

So first of all, we should the meaning of Search Engine Optimization.





What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Do you want to know what is SEO?

Look, Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve your website ranking and make the authority website.

SEO means proper optimization of the website so that you can generate organic traffic on your website.

To generate more organic traffic, you need to provide high-quality content, optimize content with keyword research, and build backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization does all the things to improve your website traffic without doing any paid promotion.



what is seo


If you are doing the proper SEO, you will get free and organic traffic from Google.

All the techniques we are using to promote our website comes under Search Engine Optimization, all the things which we are doing to make our website on top of Google Search results are also called SEO.

Many bloggers appoint some other people and freelancers from Fiverr to do proper SEO of their website.

Because SEO is not a basic thing, it covers many categories which we will discuss furthermore.

So this is something about Search Engine Optimization, now we will tell you how Search Engine Optimization works.

So be with us, we will provide you all the relevant information about SEO.



How does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work?

Google has different algorithms to make your post appear in search results.

When a user searches something on Google, and Google will show you some best results after indexing billions of pages.

Google has more than 200 algorithms on which it shows you the results.

Google will show you results by following these things:


how seo works



#1 Authority

This is the most important thing for Google.

Google will rank your website by seeing the Authority of the website.

Authority will increase if your website link is on another website’s post.

For example: If a person is adding your website link in his post, then your website authority will increase.

The more links to your website on other posts, the more benefit you will get for that.



#2 Relevancy

Google will show the results by seeing the keywords of a post.

It will show you all the results which are related to your keyword.

Like if we are searching for the “best cheap laptop for blogging“, then it will show you all the top results which are suitable for the keyword laptop.

There are a lot of posts on a single keyword but Google will show you the best results for that keyword.



#3  Usefulness

Yes, it is necessary to make your website authoritative and relevant but there is no means of these things if there is no usefulness in the article.

Usefulness means that the article you are uploading should be easily understandable to its viewers otherwise, Google will not rank it.

For example, if a Website has DA 50 and had uploaded an article with many Jargon words and there is another website, that has uploaded an article with the same keyword with DA 25 and it is written in easy language.

Then Google will rank the website which has DA 25, it doesn’t matter what is your website authority of there is no usefulness in your article.

So, make sure to use all these things in your article, if you want good results and reach a good level. Now we will tell you the types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).



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Types of Search Engine Optimization

There are four types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  which we will discuss now.


#1 On-Page Search Engine Optimization

#2 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

#3 Black Hat Search Engine Optimization

#4 White Hat Search Engine Optimization



Types of SEO



#1 On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  means to do the optimization of your web pages to increase the website traffic.

It means the users have to do all the things on their website to improve the website ranking.

If someone is writing content then they should follow some aspects.



Title Tags

The writer should have to add HTML tags in a sequence and a proper way.

This title tag is available in the head section of the web page.

The title should be unique, it should not be missing or duplicate otherwise, it will impact negatively on your SEO results.

So don’t forget to add a proper title tag.



Header Tags

For On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the user should add proper header tags so that it can be convenient for the reader.

Headings and subheadings are from H1 to H6.

The main heading should be mention with the H1 heading, subheading H2, and so on.

It is will also convenient for Google bots to crawl your content easily.




The user has to write content as per the reader’s demand and has to provide content according to that.

The content should be unique and easily understandable to users.

Make sure not to use many Jargon words in your article otherwise, it will be tough to understand for the readers.

You can hire a freelancer from Fiverr for content writing.



Audit the content

Audit the old content is quite necessary, many users just post new content and forget their old content, which is a very big mistake.

You have to check your articles whether they are ranking or not and your article is on the second page then try to bring it on the first page.

That’s why Auditing the old content is necessary to rank your website.



Optimize the image

Uploading an image in your article is a good thing but if you will not optimize the image, it will slow down your website speed.

You can compress your website with any compressor tools and don’t forget to add alt text description in images.

So these are the aspects you should follow for On-Page SEO which is very necessary to improve your website ranking.

Now we will brief you about Off-Page SEO.




#2 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO includes all the techniques of the website to increase website traffic.

All the work which are not done on the website or the techniques we are using to promote our website on the outsource methods are called Off-Page SEO.

The most common and most used Off-Page SEO technique is Backlinks.

Now we will discuss some aspects which are necessary to do for Off-Page SEO.


off page seo



Social Media Platform

One of the most commonly used Off-Page techniques is the Social Media platform.

The user should share their permalink to the platform like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and many more platforms.

You can join the groups on Facebook related to your niche and can post the content there to increase the traffic on your website.


If you want to learn more about Blogging, you can join my Facebook group by clicking here.



Guest Posting

Guest Post is the most common way of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Guest Post means writing the whole article on your niche but will post on other websites.

The user has to give these posts to high authority websites and have to give 2-3 links to your website so that their traffic can also divert on your website.




Backlinks are the most used Off-Page technique where a user request other websites to provide a backlink on their website.

So that they can also take advantage of their website’s traffic.

Many users who have high DA are charging for this service.

Some people are doing an exchange of backlinks so that both website owners can take advantage of it.



Promotion through YouTube

YouTube is the best ever platform to promote your website because YouTube millions of active users daily on their platform.

A website owner should make a YouTube channel where they upload videos and provide the link of their website in the description so that users can interact with your website directly.

So these are the aspects of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization which a blogger should follow to increase the traffic on the website.

Now we will discuss Black Hat SEO.




#3 Black Hat Search Engine Optimization

Black Hat SEO means doing the practices to increase the website traffic which is violating Google policies.

The word Black Hat comes from English movies to explain bad guys.




When Google will track your website they will ban you from everywhere without any notice because these practices are against the terms and conditions of search results.

The most commonly used Black Hat techniques are Keyword Stuffing, Content Automation spinning, report the competitor, Link manipulation, and many more.

So we will strictly recommend to all the users to stay away from this technique otherwise, their all hard work will vanish.




#4 White Hat Search Engine Optimization

A white Hat SEO technique is fully opposite from a Black Hat technique.

White Hat SEO means to do all the practices by following the terms and conditions of search results to increase the website traffic.

You will rank your website in the future if you will follow all the White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques.


white hat seo


Google bot keeps eyes on the website who are doing work in a proper way without breaking any guidelines of Google search results.

The main aspects of White Hat techniques are providing quality content, speed up your website, add meta-tags, making your website user-friendly so that anyone can navigate easily, and more.

So follow these techniques to make your website authority and rank in Google Search results.



Why SEO is Important for Marketing?

Now we will tell you the reasons, why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important if you have a blog or website.

70% of people click a link from the top 5 links showing in Google search results while searching for something.

It is a very big ratio, so if you want to take advantage of this thing, then it is very necessary to appear in your post at that position.

Rank your posts on top search results will also increase website authority and trustworthiness.

Google will trust your website and it will help to rank your other posts.

Search Engine Optimization will put you ahead of your competitors.


SEO for marketing


If two websites are providing almost the same content, then the website that has done proper Search Engine Optimization will rank on the top.

SEO will not only improve your ranking but also increase the usability of the website.

Proper SEO will make you ahead of those websites which have higher Domain Authority.

So these are the reasons, why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important if you are working on a website.



How to optimize your content on Google?

You have to keep these things in mind while uploading content on Google.


#1 Market Analysis

The most important thing for a website is to do Market Analysis.

You have to research in the market for the best keywords for your product and what the customers are searching for on Google.

Market Analysis can also be done by checking the top-ranked and competitive website’s content.

This technique will give you the best idea for your keywords.


How to optimize your content on Google



#2 URL should be readable

You have to make your URL readable, don’t add Jargon words in the URL.

There is no need to learn perfect English, the only thing is that your URL should be easily understandable.

Try to add 3-4 clear words in your URL and make sure to add your keyword in the URL, the viewers will get to understand your article information easily.



#3 Content Title

A Title is a very important thing in the article.

Your Title should not be very long and cover only those things which you are providing in your article.

Your title should contain the targeted keyword so that the crawler can easily track your website.

The title is an On-Page SEO factor and a unique title is necessary which plays a very important role in SEO.



#4 Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important thing to rank your website.

The user has to research the low competition keywords with high search volume.

If your website is new, then you can go with low search volume keywords to make your website trustworthy.

There are free and paid tools available from where you can find the best keywords for your article.

The best free tools are Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest and the best-paid tools are Ahrefs and Semrush.




So this was a complete SEO or Search Engine Optimization guide for you, these things are important whether you are doing blogging, running a website, or running an online store.

You have to follow all these things to make your future bright in this industry.

You can also appoint an SEO expert from Fiverr for your website, who will take care of all these things.

The main thing is that you have to invest time in this field to get success.

That all about today’s article, if you have any queries then please comment below and we will reply to you soon.

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