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Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting this page to know more about me.

My name is Sudip Chowdhury, a Digital Marketer, Youtuber, professional Blogger, and Entrepreneur. I always love to create something, which can give value to people.

I completed my studies in Kolkata (West Bengal) at Rabindra Bharati University.

I am a full-time Blogger, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. I always help businesses and peoples to grow their revenue through my Content Marketing strategies and Blogging experience.

I have more than 2+ years of experience in the Marketing industry. I started my own brand “SudipChowdhury” as my dream project to help people to earn more from the Internet with my experience, knowledge, and learnings.

I am a Bengali guy. So that I want to create value in the Bengali language. I know that many Bengali peoples have their dream to learn Digital marketing in Bengali and can earn handsome revenue. That is why I started Youtubing in the Bengali language.

So that I can teach those peoples who are interested in Digital Marketing, Blogging, and SEO, etc.

Not only that, but I also started my blog in the English language. So that I can create valuable articles in English for my whole Indian audience and English audience.

You can check out my YouTube channel here: Sudip Chowdhury

Sudip Chowdhury

How did I start?

I was very ambitious about my work, I always wanted to develop a company that helps to solve a major problem they have related to Blogging or Internet marketing.

I always hate doing a job under a boss. Because I wanted to be my own boss. That is why I started following my passion, interest and build an empire of websites and my business online.

My first blog and Youtube channel are WBCS Guruji, which is only for Indian students, who are preparing for Indian Competitive Examinations at the age of 24. Later, I started this blog named ‘SudipChowdhury.com’ at the age of 26.

My Other Blogs:

Currently, I am working on 2 brands publicly one is you are on i.e SudipChowdhury.com and another one is WbcsGuruji.in

If I tell you in brief then:

Sudip Chowdhury: Digital marketing, Blogging, and SEO

WBCS Guruji: For Indian Competitive Examinations (Educational)

What are My Areas Of Interest?

I love Blogging, Making videos on YouTube, Building brands. Apart from this, Biryani is my most favourite food.

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